A path of Healing and Harmony

At the core of astrology lies a profound truth, a hidden pattern that connects all of creation. It is the very rhythm of existence, pulsating within every aspect of life. To truly comprehend this pattern is to unveil a secret world of beauty, harmony, and healing that has always been present, yet often overlooked.

This is the ancient path of the astrologer, who seeks to transform chaos into cosmos, to live a life of connection and harmony rather than one of randomness and disarray. For the 'Living Astrologer', nature is the source of all healing and wisdom, and it is through the observation of its cycles that astrology was born.

Over the ages, the teachings and wisdom of astrology have been passed down, providing us with a framework to better understand ourselves and the world around us. And now, more than ever, we need these teachings to help heal our relationship with ourselves and the planet.

Many of us are searching for a path to live a more meaningful life, to make a positive impact on the world. The path of astrology offers us a way to do just that, to offer our unique gifts and strengths to the world.

As someone who is walking this path myself, I invite YOU to join me. Living astrology is not just a study of the stars, it is a way of life, a connection to nature, and a path to the heart. By embracing this path, we can uncover the beauty and harmony of creation, and use it to heal ourselves and the world around us.